Puget Sound Energy Proposal Would Put New Electric Transmission Lines Through South Rose Hill/Bridle Trails Neighborhood

230KV Transmission lines monopole tower

230KV Transmission lines monopole tower

To address growing energy needs in our region, Puget Sound Energy is proposing the project which will bring new higher capacity electric transmission lines to the Eastside.  This project will put new 230 kV electric transmission lines on 95- to 125-ft-tall steel monopoles along a route that will extend from an existing substation in Redmond to one in Renton. The exact route will be determined after collecting feedback from the public but the proposed "Route B" segment would run through Kirkland's South Rose Hill and Bridle Trails neighborhoods: - along 132nd Ave NE, from NE 85th St to NE 80th St - along NE 80th St, from 132nd Ave NE to 122nd Ave NE (past Rose Hill El), - along 122nd Ave NE, from NE 80th St to NE 70th St (past Lake Washington HS), - along NE 70 St, from 122nd Ave NE to 116th Ave NE (past Holy Family School), and then - along 116th Ave NE, from NE 70th St to the Bellevue border and on to Renton.

An interactive map of the possible routes: 


Overview map:  


The Kirkland City Council will have a PSE presentation at their Tuesday, December 10th meeting by Gretchen Aliabadi, PSE Communications Manager.  Kirkland residents are encouraged to go to the Energize Eastside website for more information.  Comment forms are available at 


 , voicemails for the project can be left at 1-800-548-2614 or emails can be sent to the project at 



The South Rose Hill/Bridle Trails Neighborhood Association has asked PSE to provide a speaker at their January 14th meeting.  Association President Deirdre Johnson said, "The Energize Eastside 'Route B' proposes transmission lines along Bridle Trails State Park and then zig-zagging them across the South Rose Hill Neighborhood - managing to run in front of Holy Family School, Lake Washington High School and Rose Hill Elementary.  A Trifecta!"  Johnson added  "The Seattle City Light transmission towers/lines already bisect South Rose Hill and Bridle Trails.  This PSE project would add new 230 kV lines in front yards where we already have Seattle City Light 115 kV lines in our backyards."