Election Day; City Council meeting rescheduled to Wednesday

CouncilSeating Ah, Election Day. I have always enjoyed this day. The culmination of months of hard work by candidates and their supporters, trying to effect change for the better. For me at least, this day is devoid of the cynicism one often gets reading about politics as usual. I enjoy watching the vote tallies. I used to enjoy going down to my local polling place and casting my ballot on this day (sigh). Somehow, mailing in my ballot just isn't nearly as satisfying as voting in person.

To all who have worked hard on a campaign, I tip my hat to you. It is hard work and there is no prize for second place. Kirkland has a history of close and all too often nasty races. I want to thank all Kirkland City Council candidates for running what seems to have been clean races.

And speaking of the City Council, they have rescheduled tonight's Study Session and Meeting for Wednesday (tomorrow) night. Learn more about the council agenda here: http://www.kirklandwa.gov/depart/council/Agendas/specmtgagen110613.htm