LETTER | Vote for Jay Arnold

Letter-Stamp Editor:

I worked with Jay on the Parks Funding committee and the Parks Levy campaign last year.  It was a great example of the Kirkland way:  gathering broad input from the community and coming together to solve problems.  Jay led a group of passionate volunteers to win the support of voters to provide protected funding for Kirkland parks.  I’m proud of the work we did to restore maintenance to our parks, return lifeguards to our beaches, and help put the city on a path toward a sustainable budget.

That inclusive approach is also something Jay has demonstrated on the Planning Commission.

We’ve worked hard to have a Council that can work together, focus on solving problems, and plan for Kirkland’s future.  Jay will continue that tradition on the Kirkland City Council.

Vote Jay Arnold for Kirkland City Council, Position #1.

Nona Ganz