LETTER | Cross Kirkland Trail is a fantastic addition to our community

Cross Kirkland Corridor - Kudos 12134 KirklandViews readers,

I just returned from a 2 month trip and had my first opportunity to test out our newly opened Cross Kirkland Trail.  What a fantastic addition to our community.

As I ran along the Trail at my ever slower pace I was struck by the beauty and the utility of this wonderful new facility.  I’ve been running on Kirkland streets and pathways since the mid-1970’s and have experienced the changes that have taken place along my many routes.  The changes that have taken place along Lake Washington Blvd have brought plenty of opportunities for recreation and sunset watching.  How many folks remember the Council members of those days who had the foresight to buy the properties that became Dave Brink Park or Houghton Beach Park?  (These were previously a fuel tank storage area and a lumber yard.)  Thirty or forty years later I think that most of us take for granted these waterfront jewels without thinking of the actual acts of purchasing and developing.

As I ran along the ex-rail line today I thought that in not-so-many years the Council members with the vision to buy and execute the trail plan will be individually forgotten.  This new Kirkland jewel will also be taken for granted as having always been here.  Not having been present for many of the meetings and discussions (the pros and cons), I can only mention that my impression is that when push came to shove this Cross Kirkland Trail project was mainly championed by the women on the Kirkland City Council.

Thanks ladies!

Jim Hitter