LETTER | Vote for a different vision for Kirkland

Dear Editor,
I note that there is a new letter in support of Jay Arnold from a member of the business community.  Jay, as you know, has been on the planning commission for the past few years.  These planners review and present proposals for development to the city council for their review and ratification.  Before you decide on who to vote for, I'd ask you to stand at the corners of Lake St. and Kirkland Ave and/or Lake St. and Central way and give a 360 degree look at the skyline.  Condos and more condos, one behind the other, many several stories high and some fronting on Lake St.   And the city is by no means done.  Mr. Mcleod is seeking to build a large building on the Hector's restaurant site, Mr Dargey wants to build Potala, a four story building at 10th Ave and Lake St. and a very large series of Apts and/or condos where the Crab Cracker and the closed Chevron station are located.
I know many of you saw the protest about the size of Potala on Lake St. two weeks ago  Hundreds of people oppose this based on its size and the traffic it will generate.  It is clear that The City of Kirkland needs to deal with its inadequate infrastructure.  If we do not, we shall become Bellevue, like it or not.
It should be no surprise that the business community would support  growth.  Equally it should not surprise you that these projects were supported by the planning commission.
This for your consideration:  Mr. Arnold is asking for your support.  Perhaps the right question is can the citizens of this City get support from Mr. Arnold?
Join me in voting for people who have a different vision for this city,  Bill Henkens and Martin Morgan
J F Rogers