Kirkland Arts Center Unleashes An Ode To Canines In Upcoming “Gone To The Dogs” Exhibition


The Kirkland Arts Center Gallery is going to the dogs - literally! In an exhibition dedicated to the other community members of our town, artists explore the relationship with human’s best friend, as well as the political, social, and sometimes comical undertones of “going to the dogs”.

Curator, Donna Lindeman Porter, explains the impact dogs have had on her life: “I have always had a dog. I love the critters. When I have ‘gone to the dogs’ in my life, there has been the tail wagging, little mutt to lift my spirits.  I watch everyone in Kirkland walking their dogs-- morning, night, dark-- we stop, wait, and actually see plants and water, smell and relax. Dogs can be our gurus and sometimes, our best friends.”

Many local artists share the same sentiment, putting their affection for canines on canvas or creating them in clay. With over 40 artists in the exhibition, including work loaned from five of Seattle’s most renowned galleries, everything from paintings to sculptures are sure to impress. Visitors will have fun finding their favorite dog companion represented in the artwork of this talented group of artists.

Exhibition Artists:

  • Adrienne Sherman
  • Barry Moser
  • Betz Bernhard
  • Bob Neir
  • Carla Dimitriou
  • Carol Dillon
  • Carol Ross
  • Casey McGlynn
  • Charlie Spitzack
  • Cheryll Leo-Gwin
  • Don Maghee
  • Donna Lindeman Porter
  • Dorothy Bonneau
  • Ed Fatheringham
  • Gaylen Hanson
  • Jennifer Gavlin
  • Jody Wilson
  • Joe Max Emminger
  • Joey Chiarello
  • John A. Brickey
  • John Lysak
  • Julie Austin
  • Karen Kosoglad
  • Kelly Lyles
  • Larry Calkins
  • Leonard Baskin
  • Lorri Falterman
  • Lynn DiNino
  • Meg Murch
  • Mia Parks
  • Michael Rainwater
  • Myron E. Lewis
  • Nikolai Sazhin
  • Patti Warashina
  • Peter Pere
  • Rachel Denny
  • Randy Clark (aka Fish Boy)
  • Regnor Reinholdtsen
  • Renatta Simpson
  • Ryan Doran
  • Sheryl Sirotnik
  • Terry Turrell
  • Thomas Hubbard
  • Wuon-Gean Ho


Collaborations with Foster/White Gallery, Davidson Galleries, Lisa Harris Gallery, Linda Hodges Gallery, Grover/Thurston Gallery as well as the Seattle Humane Society, the Seattle Children’s Theater, Lakeridge Elementary Arts Cool Students and the City of Kirkland.

Rachel_Denny_Love_BiteThe exhibition’s Opening Reception is free and open to the public on Friday, November 8, 6:00 – 8:30pm. Join us to see the exhibition, enjoy food and drinks, and meet some special guests in the Seattle Humane Society’s MaxMobile!

Gone to the Dogs will be on display through January 11, 2014. The Kirkland Arts Center Gallery is open Tuesday through Friday from 11am- 6pm, and Saturday from 11am to 5pm at 620 Market Street in Kirkland. The gallery is free to the public, and all ages are welcome.