LETTER | In Support of Doreen Marchione

Letter-Stamp Editor:


Doreen Marchione brings out the best in people and organizations.  We need her on the Kirkland City Council.  Doreen has a record of commitment to our community that is unmatched.  She also has a kindness, decency, and habit of putting others above self that is unique, especially amongst elected officials.


Doreen is also good at her job.  Whether it’s bringing her experience to bear while writing budgets or helping find common ground in ideological battles, she helps make our council work.


Kirkland is a better place because we’ve had a tradition of individuals spending the time and effort to make it better.  Our network of parks, our quality schools, our business opportunities, and the general positive vibe didn’t just happen; it sprang from the work people like Doreen have done.  This fruits of this work is what led many of us to move here, or others like me, to stay after growing up here.


Let’s keep improving Kirkland by reelecting Doreen Marchione to the Kirkland City Council.


Bill Finkbeiner