LETTER | Endorsement letter for Rebecca Hirt

Letter-Stamp Dear Friends,

As happens with off-year elections, often voters do not know enough about candidates to make informed decisions. As a longtime resident of Kirkland and a member of the Evergreen Advisory Committee, I feel confident in recommending incumbent, Rebecca Hirt, for Evergreen Healthcare Commissioner. Her record speaks for itself. During her tenure she has successfully promoted and ensured quality care for the community including services for children, women, seniors and families in general as well as those in need. In addition, I have seen, personally, how accessible and responsive she is to everyone in the community.

She has repeatedly won re-election, not by expensive, overly-financed campaigns, but by her excellent reputation and her flawless record of conscientiousness. If you have doubts about whom to vote for, look at Rebecca Hirt's website and the people who are endorsing her. And for yours and the community's sake - please re-elect Rebecca Hirt for Evergreen Healthcare Commissioner.


Patty Tucker