LETTER | Upcoming city council elections

Dear Editor:
I am voting for Martin Morgan and Bill Henkins for city council.  As I see it, its time for a change.
The majority of the current council supports a progressive agenda.  Progress is wonderful.  Inappropriate progress is hurtful, damaging and maybe disastrous.
The majority of the council is also overly focused on increasing residential density and commercial development in the downtown core where there are only three
single lane streets into and out of the area. Some have approved the notion of having the "core" become an urban center with more density, traffic and high rise.
This rises to inappropriate.  Totem Lake is thriving and the city should focus its development there.
Other than Dave Asher and Toby Nixon, voting for another incumbent insider is just asking for more of the same old/same old.  While Asher used to be viewed as a
liberal, he now seems more moderate and appears to support a very rational approach to development. Nixon is a great listener and a serious thinker.  Both are
approachable and have a long term vision for Kirkland's viability as both a residential and business community.  The rest of the council is in lock-step with one
another and have agenda not generally shared by the greater Kirkland community.
I have spoken at length with both Mr. Morgan and Mr. Henkins  and find them resolute and passionate about Kirkland and its future.  They are "salt of the earth" type
folks and would be a breath of fresh air on the council.  I sense that neither of them have an axe to grind or an ideology to promote. Rather, they are Kirkland residents
who care and have put their money, pride and reputation on the line to be willing to serve.  Both would clearly be" citizen councilmen" who seem committed to do their
best to represent US  and our City, not their own personal agenda.  Neither want Kirkland to become Bellevue, as some of our current council seem to desire.
Some say I am wasting my vote.  Only if they don't win.  My only fear is that if they do not win, my voice at the city will be disregarded.  But my views are already at
odds with with their opponents, so could things really get worse?  Please join me in voting for Martin Morgan and Bill Henkins.
D. Boyle Rogers