LETTER | Questions of Professional Conduct for President of Evergreen Board of Commissioners

According to PDC records (the people at the state who keep track of campaign expenditures) over 50K has been given by Al DeYoung (President of the EvergreenHealth Board of Commissioners) and family to the opponent of one of his fellow commissioners.

The question we all should be asking ... WHY?

A recent flyer paid for by DeYoung

As a long-time School Board Director and currently holding a similar position as Al DeYoung, I am hard-pressed to explain his actions to unseat another board member.  There doesn’t seem to be any logical reason for this type of investment … which makes me ask the question “Why?” again.

A board needs to be made up of independent voices—not ones beholden to the President or Chair of the board.

Jackie Pendergrass