LETTER | Marchione Displays Outstanding Financial Leadership

Letter-Stamp Dear Editor:

I would like to commend City Council member Doreen Marchione for the outstanding leadership she and other Council members have shown in addressing the financial and budgeting issues of the city of Kirkland.

Not only did our Council accept the reality of hard choices made resulting from a severe economic downturn in 2008-09, but it possessed the wisdom to navigate this era with a continued vision for the future through business development that continues to pay off today in increased services throughout the city. This strong financial management is reflected in the AAA rating of municipal debt, and clean audits throughout all dimensions of city financing.

As a Kirkland resident, my family loves this wonderful city. As a Kirkland business owner that provides wealth management services, I will vote for continuity of this strong leadership in the financial arena as Kirkland addresses growth and livability issues throughout the 21st century.




Bill Schultheis