Dakshin South Indian Bistro coming to Downtown Kirkland

New signage goes up in Kirkland Square. Dakshin South Indian Bistro will be opening October 15 in the Kirkland Square in the location where Bubble Me has been since January, 2012.

From the owners:
Opening soon in Downtown Kirkland - Dakshin South Indian Bistro - Dine in & Take out
Specializing in flavorful, original, homestyle southern Indian dishes. Serving a tantalizing range of delicacies such as savory and crispy dosas(pancakes), steamed idlis( rice cakes), fresh and seasonal vegetarian curries in coconut sauce, well spiced and marinated meat/seafood options, fragnant rice side dishes, layered and crunchy parathas(flat breads), sweet and savory lassis and more.