Volunteers Complete New Stairs in Crestwoods and Cotton Hill Parks

The new stairs in Cotton Hill Park  

Norkirk resident Brian Scott

Norkirk resident Brian Scott has been walking the paths and trails in Kirkland his whole life. He called the treacherous steps in Cotton Hill Park “the clunky stairs.”


Thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers, Rick and Lisa Altig (who chose to fund the stair project in lieu of building a sidewalk in front of their house), and city support, the stairs are clunky no more.


The steep, slippery trails on the south side of Crestwoods Park and the north side of Cotton Hill Park have been replaced with real stairs. School kids, walkers, and joggers will now be able to safely use the trails year-round.


(Crestwoods stair runners take note: you can now run a series of three stairways instead of one. See a suggested route at the end of this article.)


Over a dozen volunteers from five Kirkland neighborhoods worked on the ten-week project, often putting in six- to eight-hour days digging and drilling, hauling timbers and gravel, pounding rebar, and cutting brush.


The Crestwoods stairs were completed on July 17. On September 11, volunteers pounded the final piece of rebar in the Cotton Hill Park stairs.


The new stairs provide missing links connecting Crestwoods and Cotton Hill Parks to the Cross Kirkand Corridor and other nearby parks, allowing residents to walk for miles through nearly-uninterrupted green spaces.


Main stair volunteers Dave Kreul, Karen Story, Doug Murray, and Trudy Loder

A huge thank you to the volunteers who helped with the project (please forgive me if I’ve inadvertently left anyone out):

  • Dave Kreul
  • Doug Murray
  • Trudy Loder
  • Karen Story
  • John Poulson
  • John Janssen
  • Craig Smith
  • Brian Scott
  • Robert Moreno
  • Essie Swanson
  • Kudos Kirkland Folks:
  • Michelle Sailor
  • Penny Sweet
  • Tim O'Brian
  • George Noble
  • Jon Carter


Suggested Stair Running Route:

Run up the south Crestwoods stairs from Forbes Creek Drive

Run north across Crestwoods Park

Run east down the new Crestwoods stairs, across the Cross Kirkland Corrider, and up the new Cotton Hill Park stairs

Turn around and retrace your steps, OR

Turn left (north) and run to the bottom of 111th Ave NE to the Cross Kirkland Corridor

Run south on the Cross Kirkland corridor and back up the Crestwoods Park stairs