After 37 years, George's still serving up great hot cakes, cold drinks and everything in between


Now that I have a few of the new George's menu meals under my belt, I am happy to report that your old favorites are still available and the new menu brightens things up with photos for those who are too tired to read. A recent visit lead me to enjoy a tasty old-school milkshake -- you know, the ones that come with the silver sidecar full of ANOTHER milkshake! -- because the enticing picture in the menu had taunted me enough. Delicious X 2.

Keep up the great work, George's crew! We love you!

The following is a press release from George's regarding the new menu:

George’s Celebrates 37 Years of a Family Legacy with New Menu

 August 15, 2013 marked 37 Years in Kirkland for George’s- being the longest standing restaurant in the heart of Kirkland. We are proud of this accomplishment and in honor of this milestone, our goal is to bring forward a new menu that will help us celebrate this monumental accomplishment as well as continue to help us evolve and bring our customers the best of George’s.

It has been over two years since we have made modifications to our menu and this time we made a complete overhaul.  We kept several of the classics and have given customers even more options to choose from- including milkshakes and apple pie. We created an interactive menu that gives the customer the opportunity to build their own pasta dish and become chef for a meal!

New Healthy options like our Runner’s Special- egg white scramble with ham, spinach & mozzarella served with Greek Yogurt have been well received.

George’s exclusive Gyritos™ remain a highlight on our menu, made with choice ingredients wrapped in a flour tortilla and crisped to a golden brown with our house beer batter served with our specialty Greek Fries. The O.G. (Original Greek) is a popular choice.

Another welcome addition to the menu is Mama’s Baklava Pancakes – after debuting in March of 2013, they are now being offered on the regular menu due to their popularity.

Our Senior Section is now offered day and night versus only for breakfast or lunch.

Customers can still enjoy Mama Froni’s handmade classics made from recipes brought from her home village in Greece - Tyropita, Spanakopita and Domalthes all make a perfect meal option.

Our new menu was also opportunity for us to debut Jack & Claire’s omelet- Italian sausage, diced roasted red peppers, onions, tomatoes and mozzarella served with warm tortillas, salsa and sour cream – designed by the Sirich family, who bid on the opportunity to “create their own omelet” as part of the BCS school auction. Their winning bid gives them opportunity to highlight their omelet on our menu for 1 year while their donation helps support funds for education at BCS.

George’s is excited to have formed a new partnership with Rococo Coffee Roasting, a Kirkland based coffee roaster, that provides George’s with premium, small batch, specialty grade, highest flavor quality, custom blend, hand roasted coffee and espresso. We are thrilled to partner with another local company that believes in bringing only the best coffee to the customer while sourcing beans from farmers that have a strong family legacy.

Come for the great food, stay for the family hospitality!