Rep. Larry Springer appointed to Washington State Institute of Public Policy’s board of directors


The following is from Washington House Democrats:

Ever wonder how our state knows which programs are saving taxpayers money and which ones are ineffective? How we know whether domestic violence offender treatment works or if smaller class sizes really do make a difference in student performance?

We have all of these important facts at our fingertips thanks to the Washington State Institute of Public Policy (WSIPP).

And this week, Representative Ruth Kagi, D-Seattle, and Representative Larry Springer, D-Kirkland were appointed to the Washington State Institute of Public Policy’s board of directors.

The board of directors is comprised of members from the Washington state House, Senate, non-partisan committee services and our state’s public universities.

WSIPP receives its assignments directly from the State Legislature or the Initiative and Referendum process.  Representatives Kagi and Springer will make sure WSIPP’s research stays on point with the work of the legislature.  For example, if WSIPP was doing a study on student outcomes, the representatives might ensure it focuses on the achievement gap because that is a problem area the legislature is currently tackling.

Each year WSIPP undertakes huge research projects to aid our legislature in making the smartest decisions possible.  Currently they are working to evaluate the effectiveness of our state’s early childhood education system and will broaden the number of policy areas in which they perform cost-benefit analysis.

Rep. Kagi and Rep. Springer have a wide breadth and depth of expertise.  To WSIPP, they will bring a combined 25 years of legislative experience, plus expertise in early childhood education, public schools, all business ownership and child welfare. The people of Washington  will benefit from the experience they bring – ensuring our state’s education, public safety and healthcare systems are as effective and efficient as possible.

Congratulations to Reps Kagi and Springer on their appointment!