Kirkland Kiwanis Club Focus: Key Club At International Community School


The Kirkland Kiwanis Club is beginning a focus series on its Key and Builder’s Clubs throughout our community.  These are Clubs within local high schools and middle schools sponsored by Kiwanis. Student members perform acts of service in the community, such as park clean up, organizing food drives, fundraising, and provide volunteer support to Kiwanis Club projects. They learn leadership and social skills by running meetings, planning projects, and holding elected leadership positions within their club, and at the district and international levels.

The Key Club at International Community School (ICS) currently has over 40 members.  Its President, Rachel Roberts, is 17 years old and will be a senior at ICS next year.  She has been in Key Club for 3 years having joined in 9th grade.  Rachel states that her family has always been involved in community service. She commented “My mom and dad were always really involved in community service.  Your parent's values become your own.”

Ms. Roberts has been active for many years in volunteer work and has recently been nominated to the Kirkland Cultural Arts Council.

Working closely with Ms. Roberts is Vice President Aishwarya Nirmal and several other board members serving as secretary, treasurer and public relations officer. This past school year, with the assistance of their advisors, Mr. Paul Plank and Mr. Ralph Villavicencio, this club has conducted a food drive and participated in the Turkey Trot to benefit Hopelink, volunteered at Food Life Line, organized meals at Tent City, held a Talent Show at ICS to raise funds for UNICEF, volunteered at Meow Cat Center, and assisted Kiwanis with its Christmas Tree Lot, Pancake Breakfast, July 4th parade, and other Kiwanis based activities.

This is a wonderful group of young people who have learned at an early age what it means to “give back” to their community.  They will undoubtedly continue their altruism into adulthood.  If you are interested in learning more about the Kiwanis Key Clubs or Builder’s Clubs in your area please visit the Kirkland Kiwanis Website at