Crosswalk Golf Course on Evergreen Hill

Xwalk-golf3 "I got a good laugh when I drove by the new crosswalk on NE 132nd just west of 129th NE in the Evergreen Hill neighborhood.  The new islands are topped the artificial grass." says long-time Evergreen Hill resident, Johanna Parlmer, "Someone has created Kirkland’s smallest golf course.  The flag indicates it is the 3rd hole.  I wonder where the other two are? It made my day to think someone in our neighborhood has such a creative and fun sense of humor."

We share your sentiments entirely, Johanna. Thank you, for sharing this whimsical photo.

Oh, yes, if I do not make the following statement, someone will ask me to make the following public service announcement:

1. Never play in crosswalk medians;

2. Always look both ways when crossing the street;

3. For safety reasons, always yell "fore!"