Watch for Pancakes Saturday, Watch for Cyclists in Kirkland on Monday!


Bagpiper Neil Hubbard at the 7 Hills of Kirkland.


The Kirkland Kiwanis will be serving up hotcakes at the “Pancaking to End Homelessness” breakfast from  7 AM to noon on Saturday at Peter Kirk Center, where cyclists and the community can fuel up for Memorial weekend activities while supporting KITH’s programs to help homeless families. And registrations and jerseys are selling like hotcakes for the 2013 7 Hills of Kirkland Cycling to End Homelessness benefit at


On Memorial Day, Monday, drivers are asked to be careful, and cyclists encouraged to be safe as they  ride the  7 Hills of Kirkland “Cycling to End Homelessness”  benefit ride sponsored by Kirkland Kiwanis, Evergreen Health and King County’s District 6 Representative Jane Hague.  Jane and her husband Ed Springman are just two of up to 1500 cyclists who’ll be facing the challenge, having a great time and raising support for KITH programs helping families turn the corner from homelessness to self-sufficiency.


Online registration closes midnight Friday 5/24 for this popular ride event which has been run by a group of volunteers for over 15 years. This year’s committee chair Bill Fores started out as a 7 Hills cyclist and is now on KITH’s Board of Directors. “When you’re homeless, every day’s an uphill climb,” Bill says. “Cyclists can make a big impact for homeless, get a great work out, and keep up on the high caloric burn on this ride with awesome food stops.”  Food and tech support is included in the ride fees ($50-$60 depending on route), along with a bagpiper to encourage cyclists, and strawberry shortcake as a reward at the finish line.


7 Hills of Kirkland on-site registrations begin Monday, May 27, 2013  at Kirkland’s Marina Park at 6:30 AM and close at 9 AM or upon reaching 1500 participants, whichever comes first. Cyclists will check in at the Marina Monday to pick up a  route map and wristband for the food stops. They’ll depart from Marina Park between 7 and 9 AM, and return to “7 Hills Village” to be greeted by sponsors, friends and family between 9:30 AM and 4 PM. Return times vary based on whether they ride the 40 mile traditional 7 Hills route, the Metric Century (58 miles) or Century (99 miles) route. For ride details and maps, please visit


Bill’s plea:“Please encourage your friends to join you at this weekend’s events and help KITH meet the needs of homeless families!”




Christine Rose

Development Director