Local Fastsigns UpCycle Program offers eco-friendly marketing solution



What happens to all the banners, posters and signs once an event or campaign is finished? Most likely, they end up in the trash. That’s why FASTSIGNS of Kirkland is offering an eco-friendly alternative with their new UpCycle Program.


As a leading signs and graphics provider, FASTSIGNS of Kirkland also offers the option to turn used banners into a number of branded items, such as grocery totes, backpacks, wine bags and phone holders, just to name a few.


“We can reuse the campaign banners we initially created, and turn them into creative, branded items,” said Brent Pettersen, Vice President of FASTSIGNS of Kirkland, who leads the center’s UpCycle Program. “This gives our clients the chance to take their event or campaign even further, and the upcycled items make perfect post-event gifts, promotional items and employee keepsakes.”


Upcycling makes a big impact in the community. “It’s a great way to give back to the environment as well as provide customers with additional innovative marketing solutions,” said Pettersen.


FASTSIGNS of Kirkland recently completed an upcycle project for Microsoft. The center provided Microsoft with approximately 700 banners for the launch of the company’s first tablet, the Microsoft Surface. Pettersen then proposed the idea of using the banners when the campaign ended to create brand-inspired messenger bags, which are a convenient size to fit Microsoft Surface tablets. “The customer loved the idea,” said Pettersen. “They are unique, no one else has them, and they make great promotional items.”


With the upcycle option, the team at FASTSIGNS of Kirkland was able to provide Microsoft with 1,000 customized messenger bags, each designed with the used campaign banners and graphics.