Eastside Audubon And Omega Photo Offer Basic Bird Photo Class

Chestnut-backed Chickadee. Photo by Larry Engles

Bellevue Session Gives Tips and Techniques for Early Success

 Rushing wings and a sparkle of water droplets as a pair of ducks take flight off of a pond. A talon out as a hawk descends on its prey. The bright eye and fluttering yellow feathers of a warbler welcoming spring with a song.

These are moments that thrill and challenge photographers who love pictures of birds, and you can find out how to capture them beautifully in a class that Eastside Audubon will present May 5 at the Omega Photo store in Bellevue.

In Introduction to Bird Photography, you’ll learn how to anticipate exciting shots, choose the right camera settings for a variety of lighting and shooting situations, and make the most of the features of your digital SLR to create photographs that will delight you.


Eastside Audubon photographers Larry Engles and Dan Streiffert will share their gear tips and favorite places to take photographs of birds, plus give advice about photographing birds in your own back yard.

Omega Photo, the class sponsor, has pledged to donate half of each $30 registration fee to Eastside Audubon in support of Birdathon, the nonprofit’s May fundraising campaign.

Introduction to Bird Photography is best for users of digital single-lens reflex cameras and photographers thinking about using DLSRs to take pictures of birds.

The class is from 10 a.m. to noon on Sunday, May 5, at Omega Photo at 210 105th Avenue NE, Bellevue. To register, phone 425-455-2126. (For store hours and directions, please visit http://omegaphoto.biz.)