Firefighters support Medic One

Currently the City of Kirkland and the Kirkland City Council are withholding the necessary support to place the levy on the election ballot. What began as a healthy debate about service delivery has reportedly digressed into an unsettling money grab by the City of Kirkland from the levy monies allocated to King County and King County EMS. Kirkland, one of nine cities holding veto authority, is withholding approval unless Medic One reallocates additional monies back to the city.Medic One/EMS services are among the most critical services provided to Kirkland and King County residents. Medic One serves nearly 2 million people by responding every 3 minutes to a medical emergencies all across the region. Our firefighters and paramedics bring the latest equipment and medical knowledge directly to the scene of an emergency. And more importantly, Medic One is one of the highest performing examples of regional and governmental cooperation in the world. In the City of Kirkland, cardiac arrest victims are many times more likely to survive compared to other national cities. In fact, 2011 survival rates for victims of cardiac arrest in areas served by Medic One were an astounding 52%! In other metropolitan areas across the US, with different EMS systems, the survival rates are as low as 2% to 7% for victims of cardiac arrest. For example: New York…5% Detroit…1% Los Angeles…7% Chicago…3% Kirkland…52% The current six-year 30-cent Medic One/King County EMS levy will expire December 31, 2013. For months, stakeholders have undertaken a comprehensive levy planning process, both to assess the needs and effectiveness of the current system(s), and develop recommendations for the future. To ensure continued emergency medical services in 2014 and beyond, a new levy must be approved by voters. This newly proposed 33.5-cent levy rate will:  Maintain the existing number of medic units and not add any new units over the span of the next levy period;  Fully fund eligible Advanced Life Support (referred to as ALS or paramedic);  Continue the contribution to support Basic Life Support (referred to as BLS or “first responders”);  Continue programs that provide essential support to the system and encourage efficiencies, innovation, and leadership;  Develop programs to address BLS demand and support BLS’s role in regional decision-making; State law requires that all cities with a population of over 50,000 vote to approve sending the levy package to the voters for approval. Regrettably, the City of Kirkland continues to assert its veto authority and will not allow the measure to come before the voters. Support Medic One by contacting the Kirkland City Council and ask them to allow this crucial service to be placed on the ballot – to be decided by the voters. Mayor Joan McBride – Deputy Mayor Doreen Marchione – Penny Sweet – Toby Nixon – Amy Walen – Dave Asher – General Council Email – City of Kirkland Phone: (425) 587-3001

Please help support the continued funding of one of the highest performing medical systems in the world – support King County EMS, and the King County Medic One levy. The continued funding of our world renowned, regional system is supported by firefighters EMTs and paramedics all across the state. Thanks for your support!

Signed by the presidents of the fire departments of Bellevue, Kirkland, Northshore, Redmond and Woodinville/Bothell.