Earth Day Labyrinth Walk & Footwear Collection at St. John's

St. John’s Episcopal Church to Celebrate its1st Annual Earth Day Labyrinth Walk & Footwear Collection Sunday, April 21st 2013

Just about everyone has heard the saying, “Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes”, but what would it feel like if those shoes were a couple sizes too small, had holes in them or were even falling apart? Not very comfortable! Most of us take wearing proper footwear for granted – one pair wears out, we go buy another pair and throw out the ones we no longer want. No big deal, right? In fact, most of us have multiple pairs of shoes for different occasions. Unfortunately, there are many in our local community to whom more than one pair of shoes is a luxury and buying a pair of new shoes is a very big deal – because they can’t.

The youth of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Kirkland, WA is “stepping up” and taking up a collection of new and gently used footwear for all ages, babes to grownups, to help those in need of better shoes or boots. All the donated items will be put on display as part of the St. John’s Labyrinth Walk on Earth Day, Sunday, April 21st. Everyone in the Kirkland area as well as the wider Christian Community is encouraged to join in the Earth Day celebration, bring a donation of new or gently used shoes or boots and see them lined up around the labyrinth, and then to take a walk themselves to experience the spiritual connection between us and God’s wonderful creations – the earth and all its people.

Once the celebration is complete, the donated footwear will be given to the following organizations:

• Baby and young children’s shoes will go to the Eastside Baby Corner • Boy’s and girl’s shoes will be distributed to Friends of Youth • Sophia’s Way will receive women’s shoes and • The men of Tent City will receive the men’s shoes and work boots The family of St. John’s invites one and all to join us for this special event that is bound to become an eagerly anticipated yearly celebration. Walk the labyrinth with us and view the colorful array of donated footwear that the needy in our area will also enjoy by the abundant generosity of their community. Then all may walk, dance, stroll or caper in joyful celebration of Earth Day – stewardship of what God has blessed us with…and well-shod footsies!