Volunteer for Annual Clean Sweep Event in Downtown Kirkland, April 20

Clean Sweep 2011

The scene early Sunday morning -- the streets of downtown were clean after volunteers joined the annual Clean Sweep event to ready the area for the coming tourist season.

Beautify Kirkland!

Each year, we welcome in Spring with two programs to make Kirkland the most beautiful city on the east side – Clean Sweep and Flowerpots.

Clean Sweep is an effort to take on a winter’s worth of garbage, moss, weeds, gum and some disgusting things.  Each year, our streets and sidewalks are cleaned by Kirkland finest – our volunteers.  On Saturday, April 20, from 9:00 a.m.-12:00 noon, we will sweep, dig, scrape, spray and clean our sidewalks and streets so that  glisten and sparkle (as much as cement can).  This not a public works project – it is a volunteer project.  This means it can’t be done without your help.  The comradery and pride in being a part of this team effort is priceless.  Please call (425) 822-7066 to be one of Kirkland’s finest.


Flower pots are another addition to Kirkland’s downtown streets which are truly stunning in full bloom.  Unfortunately, once Kirkland was filled with 100 flowerpots.  Last year we were down to 40.  The reason – they are only made possible by individuals and business sponsoring individual pots.  With your help we can get those numbers back up so that downtown Kirkland is ablaze with color and lush foliage. Each pot costs $250.00 to sponsor.  We will put  a sign with your name or your business in the pot and move it to where ever you want it to be.  To sponsor a pot call the Kirkland Downtown Association at (425) 822-7066.

To volunteer, sign up  at www.volunteerkirkland.com