Finn Hill Parks and Recreation District ends tax, continues work

O.O. Denny Park - Denny Fest 12142 The Finn Hill Park and Recreation District (FHPRD) plans to hand over responsibility for operation and maintenance of O.O. Denny Park to the City of Kirkland on April 1, 2013. Park Commissioners will continue to oversee the completion of several improvement projects that are already in the planning stage. More benches, barbecue grills, improved handicap access, restroom updates and a new children’s play area are all planned for the spring/summer and will be paid for with rainy-day funds saved by the District since its inception. On December 2nd, 2012 the Finn Hill Parks and Recreation District notified the King County Clerk's office that they would not need a continuation of the FHPRD levy for 2013 or beyond. The FHPRD levy had been in place since 2002 when it was enacted by a vote of district residents. The purpose of the levy was to operate and maintain O.O. Denny Park.

On November 6th, Kirkland voters approved Proposition 2 that will provide needed additional funding for the operation and maintenance for all of Kirkland's parks, including O.O. Denny.