Kirkland Council approves land purchase; Extends Juanita Heights Park by 2+ acres

City-of-Kirkland-LogoLARGE On March 19, 2013, the Kirkland City Council unanimously ratified a Purchase and Sale Agreement for the acquisition of 2.31 acres of land contiguous to Juanita Heights Park located in the Finn Hill Neighborhood. Juanita Heights Park was transferred to the City of Kirkland by King County when Finn Hill was annexed in June 2011 to the City.

“This acquisition allows the City to improve the Park, including a new entrance off of NE 124th Street and 89th Avenue,” notes Jennifer Schroder, Director, Parks and Community Services Department. “Park visitors will have easier access to a neighborhood park.”

The purchase includes six separate parcels. One parcel contains a single family residence; the remaining five have areas of sloped and steep topography. The property will provide an opportunity to expand the Juanita Heights Park users’ recreation experience of nature by walking among a healthy canopy of second growth Douglas fir, big-leaf maples, and Western red cedar.

“Expanding Juanita Heights Park is important to the Neighborhood Alliance because the Park is located in the midst of an endangered green belt on the eastern side of Finn Hill,” says Scott Morris, President, Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance.

The 2012 King County property assessment gives the combined taxable value of the six lots, including improvements at $794,000. The appraised value with improvements is $600,000; the purchase and sale agreement is for $660,000. Funding for the purchase comes from the Capital Improvement Program and from the voter-approved 2012 Parks Levy. For more information, contact Jennifer Schroder, Director, Parks and Community Services Department at 425-587-3301 or