Kirkland Planning Commission gives first review of private party requests for Comprehensive Plan Amendments at March 14 meeting

In accordance with the City’s administrative process for requests from private entities to amend the City’s Comprehensive Plan, three proposals will be considered by the Kirkland Planning Commission on March 14, 2013. Each of these proposals is known as a Private Amendment Request (PAR). A PAR may be submitted to amend any aspect of the Comprehensive Plan such as the land use map, the general elements, or a neighborhood plan. A PAR may also be requested to change the Zoning Map and the Zoning Code. Evergreen Health Medical Center seeks a rezone for a parcel in the Totem Lake Neighborhood so that its zoning would be consistent with other properties in the hospital’s campus Master Plan. The Chaffey Building Group is requesting a rezone for a property on Simonds Road NE in the Finn Hill Neighborhood from a low density to a medium density residential land use zone to allow for a future multifamily development. A proposal to change the zoning regulations and Comprehensive Plan policies to allow a drive through restaurant at the former Jack-in-the-Box restaurant site in the Juanita Neighborhood will also be considered. The Planning Commission will receive public comment on the proposals. The meeting begins at 7 p.m. and will be held at Kirkland City Hall, Council Chamber, 123 5th Avenue. Staff memos will be posted to the Planning Commission webpage at after 5 p.m. on Friday, March 8. The proposals are scheduled to be considered by the City Council at its April 2, 2013 regular meeting. Citizen initiated requests (PARs) may be made by an individual, property owner, neighborhood organization or other group; are considered once every other year during odd years; and must be received by December 1 or the year preceding its review. Each PAR is subject to a two-phased process which involves the Planning Commission, Houghton Community Council if the property is within its jurisdiction and the City Council The process is described on the Private Amendment Request webpage at (Search: PAR).