Thank You to all who contributed to the Ferry Clock restoration

The Committee to Restore the Historic Anderson Ferry Clock wants to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has made the complete restoration of the clock possible. Captain Anderson donated the clock, at the corner of Lake St. and Kirkland Avenue, to the city in 1935. Since then the elements took a toll on our iconic clock and it fell into disrepair. For two years our committee has worked with the City of Kirkland Public Works, King County, Kirkland Heritage Society and volunteers to raise the necessary funds to restore the clock to its original condition. With your support we were able to rededicate the clock on Sunday, Feb. 10. It now looks exactly like it did in 1935 including the original ferry schedule-and it works!Thank you to all for helping to bring back an important part of Kirkland’s history! Bob Burke, Loita Hawkinson, Mark Padgett, Matt McCauley, Vince Isaacson and Sue Contreras