Kudos to the Volunteers who Help Beautify Heritage Park

Kudos-2-22a Kudos to the volunteers who worked at Heritage Park on February 23rd in cooperation with the Parks Department to tidy up one of Kirkland's many wonderful open spaces. The group, lead by Michelle Sailor, trimmed the shrubs away from the rock wall and then loaded up the clippings and transferred them to the Parks Dept. vehicles.  They also removed the blackberry vines and roots that they could safely reach.  Scott was great to work with as he had to trim the shrubs and then haul away the debris that we loaded in his truck (had over 3 truckloads).  Join the Kudos Kirkland volunteers on Saturday as they continue to work at Heritage Park.


Another volunteer work event at Heritage Park is scheduled for Saturday, March 2 from 9:30 – 11:30AM  to finish the job.  The Market Neighborhood provided great support for this last minute project and everyone who volunteered deserves special thanks:

  • Al Duenas
  • Roger Kirk
  • Tim MacDonald
  • Sue Warga
  • Dawn and Alex Morse
  • Lisa and Curt Leo
  • Diane Charouhas
  • Jim O’Farrell
  • Bruce Dawson
  • Glen Peterson (Moss Bay resident and Kirkland Summerfest (and many other events) volunteer )
  • Scott Purdy – Parks Dept.
  • Michelle Sailor

*Thanks to the Shinstroms for cheering on the crew during their walk and to Karen Story for introducing a new Highlands neighbor to the volunteer efforts. We suspect they'll have her volunteering in no time.

Interested in learning more? Contact Michelle at msailor@comcast.net