Peaceful Pro Gun Rally in Downtown Kirkland Reminds Us of Our Rights

2E Scores of peaceful second amendment demonstrators attended the 2nd Enforcers rally in downtown Kirkland on Saturday. The crowd waved flags and cheered as drivers by honked in support.

The demonstration was controversial to some in Kirkland. Some people seem to believe that the Constitution is a buffet where one can pick and choose only the parts of the Constitution they like. The demonstrators were practicing their first and second amendment rights on Saturday. And we applaud them, and anyone, frankly, who is willing to stand up publicly for what they believe.

I kinda like the 10th amendment. Anyone know where I can find a rally support it?

We live in a great country. We have the freedom to express our differences peacefully, and with luck, respectfully. It is good to be reminded of this fact every now and again.2E-2