Demonstration Notice: Feb. 23 Second Amendment Event on Central Way at 3rd Street


The Kirkland Police Department is working cooperatively with the 2nd Enforcers group to ensure that there are minimal disruptions during the demonstration being held by the group on Saturday, Feb. 23.  According to the 2ndEnforcers’ website they “will be lawfully picketing, as per municipal code, against President Barack Obama’s 23 executive actions against your 2nd Amendment Constitutional right to bear arms.”  The event will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Central Avenue at 3rd Street.  As part of the event, some demonstrators may be displaying firearms in accordance with Washington's "Open Carry" law.  The Kirkland Police Department will continue to work cooperatively with the event organizers, demonstrators and the community during the event.  Demonstrators may be on the sidewalk and will strive not to obstruct the use of the sidewalk by others.