Slow Food Sunday at Kirkland Women's Club, Feb. 17

Slow Food (, is an org that’s all about food - promoting responsible cultivation of food, seeking enjoyment in the preparation and sharing of food for the table, and ensuring a fair wage is provided to people that produce food. On the third Sun of every other month, there will be a gathering at the Kirkland Women’s Club building near city hall that involves the preparation of a meal by a small group of Slow Food members under the direction of a regional chef, the sharing of the meal with a larger group, and the presentation of a focus topic tied to the tenets of Slow Food. This program is a collaborative effort involving graduate students from Bastyr University (

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Slow Food Manifesto

The Slow Food international movement officially began when delegates from 15 countries endorsed this manifesto, written by founding member Folco Portinari, on December 10, 1989.

Our century, which began and has developed under the insignia of industrial civilization, first invented the machine and then took it as its life model.  We are enslaved by speed and have all succumbed to the same insidious virus: Fast Life, which disrupts our habits, pervades the privacy of our homes and forces us to eat Fast Foods.  To be worthy of the name, Homo Sapiens should rid himself of speed before it reduces him to a species in danger of extinction.   A firm defense of quiet material pleasure is the only way to oppose the universal folly of Fast Life.  May suitable doses of guaranteed sensual pleasure and slow, long-lasting enjoyment preserve us from the contagion of the multitude who mistake frenzy for efficiency.

Our defense should begin at the table with Slow Food.  Let us rediscover the flavors and savors of regional cooking and banish the degrading effects of Fast Food.  In the name of productivity, Fast Life has changed our way of being and threatens our environment and our landscapes. Slow Food guarantees a better future.  Slow Food is an idea that needs plenty of qualified supporters who can help turn this (slow) motion into an international movement, with the little snail as its symbol.