Nonconforming Density Zoning Code Amendment effective City Wide

City-of-Kirkland-LogoLARGE On January 2, 2013, the City Council adopted revisions to regulations affecting properties with nonconforming density.  The ordinance allows multifamily zoned properties with nonconforming density to be fully redeveloped at their existing density, provided other current Zoning Code regulations are met. The Houghton Community Council gave final approval for implementation within Houghton's jurisdiction on January 28, 2013.  You can view Ordinance 4399 on the City Council Ordinance webpage.


Background Information The Kirkland Comprehensive Plan, which provides the policy basis for development regulations, emphasizes that achieving the desired future for Kirkland depends on actions undertaken by both governmental agencies and on private property owners.  Framework Goal FG-17 emphasizes establishment of development regulations that are fair and predictable.  It is important that regulations be clearly written to assure predictable results, be cost-effective, and that they be administered expeditiously to avoid undue delay.  This framework will guide the project as amendments are taken through the zoning and municipal code amendment process.