Hungry Bald Eagles Give Aerial Display at Heritage Park

Bald Eagles at Heritage Park 12526 On Saturday morning, Kate and I walked Molly the dog along Waverly Way toward downtown when we heard a shrieking noise coming form the trees above Heritage Park. We were delighted to see two adult bald eagles fighting over a meal. One eagle had caught a mouse or some other tasty morsel and was busy shredding it while perched on a limb. The other eagle was shrieking and trying to get a free meal. The two enormous birds put on an amazing aerial show as they dodged one another in flight, one protecting its meal, the other trying to steal it.

We recounted the story some friends in Finn Hill shared with us about a bald eagle's nest they found on the ground after a storm knocked over a large tree. In the nest were several cat collars. Needless to say, we walked Molly the dog around the outside of the park that day and we gave the hungry birds a wide berth.

It was such a beautiful sight to see these magnificent birds right here in our own back yard.

Bald Eagles at Heritage Park 12524Bald Eagles at Heritage Park 12525