Seattle Times | Developer sues City of Kirkland for limiting size of Potala Village project


Lobsang Dargey, developer of the proposed Potala Village south of downtown Kirkland, is taking the city to court rather than accepting new zoning that slashes the number of apartments he can build.

Seattle Times staff reporter Keith Ervin writes an article about the proposed Potala Village development and the lawsuit against the city by the developer after the city rezoned his parcel limiting the number of units available for development. The old zoning had no cap on the number of units which could be built on the property across the street from Lake Washington. After neighbors became vocal, the city council acted by changing the zoning on the property.

Dargey said he submitted a development proposal based on what city officials told him was allowed at the time. "I just want to build what they allowed me to build before they changed the zoning," he said. If he could build only 58 housing units, Dargey said, "I would lose money. There is no way I would build that."...

The council voted last month to allow no more than 48 units per acre on the Potala Village property and other neighborhood business zones. That vote came after members spurned a negotiated settlement under which Dargey could have built up to 100 units and the city could have paid him to further reduce the size of the project.

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