Merry Christmas

[scrollGallery id=191] For many of us, this is a season of reflection, gathering of family and friends, giving of gifts and celebration. As we look back over the past year and think of all of our friends in town who have touched our lives, we have so much for which to be thankful. From the casual "hello" from the merchant we pass on the street to the many volunteers we join in local organizations which touch our lives on a daily basis, we thank you. You are what makes Kirkland such a great place in which to live.

We are truly in awe at the level of giving by so many folks in this community.

Kirkland is a special place. Those of us who share the passion for this community know this well. We may have different ways of expressing our love of community, but together, we all make this no-so-little town a wonderful place in which to live.

To those who express their views on these pages and in other forums, we thank you. Your passions have made us rethink our assumptions and you have challenged us with fresh perspectives. You have helped us better understand, moderate and ultimately embrace change in our community. Change is, after all, one of the few constants in life. Change is not always comfortable, and sometimes comes at us too fast. By everyone participating in the debate, the most extreme elements are moderated and our city benefits. And for this, we thank you.

From our family to yours, we wish you all of the peace, joy and happiness in the world.


Rob and Kate


The decorating of the Cow and The Coyote by anonymous locals is a local tradition which continues each holiday of the year.

Quirky? Yes. Does it show pride in our community? Absolutely. We say, well done!

The Cow and The Coyote is Kirkland’s version, albeit smaller and less well-known, of the Fremont Waiting for the Interurban.