The following letter was forwarded to us:

It seems that people are interested in the idea of a gathering to remember those lives lost in the Sandy Hook shootings.


So, I personally propose to arrive at Marina Park in Kirkland this coming Sunday, 23nd December at 3.30pm. I would like to gather at the famous and symbolically relevant statue The Puddle Jumpers and plan to bring with me a memorial poster, balloons for every life lost, and a large candle (and torch as an alternative). My intention is to then sing, at 4pm, two songs. First; Somewhere Over the Rainbow and second; Amazing Grace which I hope can then be repeated several times. Lyrics for these songs can be obtained online if people aren’t familiar with them. My hope is that anyone present will join me in the singing of these two songs and even then sing songs of their own choosing.


I want to stress that this will NOT be about what is right or wrong with present gun legislation. This is to be a neutral gathering; it is to be a respectful and peaceful remembrance of the victims and to show our deeply-felt love and support for the families who have lost so much as they approach the holiday season – to share with them that they will not be alone on Christmas day and they will be very much in our thoughts, hearts and prayers. I only wish I could do more ... so much more.


I have been in touch with the Kirkland Police Department to check if there were any necessary measures that needed to be taken for this gathering to take place and not only is there no need but I also received, from them, heart-felt support for this idea for which I was truly grateful. I also intend to get in touch with the Kirkland Reporter to inform them of the gathering.


In closing, I ask for your support to the families affected by attending the gathering and by passing this on to ALL your contacts using all methods available to you. And an indication that you will attend would make me feel encouraged! And I stress; I am aware that this is a busy season for everyone as they get ready for the celebrations but I still hope that time can stand still, for a short while at least, as this gathering takes place; if you have friends or family arriving from afar – let them join you, or rest in your home while you pop out for a short while – they’ll understand. If you won’t be here because you’re travelling for the holidays – then perhaps spread the word wherever you’re going and have a gathering there at the same time as the gathering that will take place in Kirkland. Please spread the word, wherever you will be – even abroad! How incredibly supportive it would be if the families knew the whole world had gathered.

The Puddle Jumpers Statue at Marina Park, Kirkland, Washington


Thank you