Rep. Springer takes on key roles in House

Veteran legislator will help set course for Democratic majority


State Rep.Larry Springer has added several key committee assignments to his House leadership position as the majority Democrats set their lineup for the 2013 Legislature.


Springer, D-Kirkland, was appointed Monday to four committees: Appropriations, where he also will serve on the subcommittee on general government; Finance; Local Government; and Rules.


Springer earlier was reappointed to the high-ranking position of Deputy Majority Leader for Jobs and Economic Development.


“I look forward to continuing the push to boost economic prosperity in Washington and adequately fund education while crafting a balanced and sustainable state budget,” Springer said. “Our economy is recovering from the Great Recession, but we still face many difficult challenges. We will meet them responsibly.”


The Appropriations and Finance committees are at the core of the budget process under the updated committee plan announced by the majority. Appropriations will consider the $30 billion-plus operating budget for the two-year, 2013-15 cycle; its general government subcommittee will focus on agency spending plans, including for natural resources and corrections. The Finance Committee will look at revenue proposals and overall state tax policy.


The Local Government Committee considers issues relating to the operations and financing of counties and cities as well as land-use questions.


The Rules Committee plays a critical role in the legislative process, determining the scheduling of bills and other measures for consideration.


The House Democratic Caucus announced Monday its committee assignments for all its members.