Local Business -- Kirkland’s Got a New Kind of Happy Hour

There's a new kind of happy hour that's come to Kirkland and it's already changing the lives of Kirkland locals.

Marisa Mancke – owner of Happy Hour by Marisa-  is a trainer who's been serving up her special brand of fun, edgy, booty-bustin' workouts for more than 18 years.  As someone who's struggled with weight issues, Marisa gets it.  She understands the daily struggle many of us experience - the resistance to getting off the couch to work out and the utter kryptonite weakness to food cravings - and she's created the community to welcome and support everyone in their perfectly imperfect journeys toward health and fitness.

All shapes, sizes, ages or stages in the fitness process are welcome and encouraged.  Picture this...someone who can barely finish a flight of stairs, a marathon runner, an ex-high school athlete who hasn't worked out in 20 years, a young professional, a Seahawk player, and an everyday person just like you all in the same class.   Marisa has the unique ability of challenging each person to push their own fitness boundaries by providing options for every level.  "Your body, your workout" is just one of Marisa's taglines.

My story, like so many women’s struggles, is about breaking through intimidation to reach my fitness goals of getting fit.  About 10 months ago, I finally decided to get off the couch after hip-replacement surgery.  I realized my pain wasn't getting any better and, by sitting on couch, my butt was only getting bigger.  I can't run or do any high-impact exercise and I shy away from chlorinated pools.  I also had to admit that I am not accountable to myself.  I needed a personal trainer.  I reached out to Marisa.  She encouraged me to try out one of her small-group classes.

I was determined but flat-out scared about being able to keep up, fitting in, and being judged.  All those insecurities were gone within the first 30 minutes of my first class.  People called me out - by name - with words of encouragement.  I nearly passed out in those initial classes.  Some days, I couldn't even finish the class.  Marisa would say to me, "No worries.  It's your workout. You're doin' it!"

For me, Marisa and the Happy Hour by Marisa community have been life- and body-changing.  Aside from the friends I've gained, I have also gained unimagined strength in diminished leg muscles from my hip condition.  I have not only developed core strength, but, at 45, I actually have some definition to my abs!  Most importantly, I became accountable to myself and my health.

If you're just the least bit intrigued and considering putting a toe in the waters of cross-fit, boot camp exercise, check out Happy Hour by Marisa.  You've got nothing to lose but $30 for a three-class pass and three hours of time toward better health - and you are SO worth it!

To quote Marisa, “You are stronger than your excuses. “   I finally believe it.


Peggy Sakagawa

Kirkland, WA

 For more information about this local business, please visit: http://www.happyhourbymarisa.com