Reading in the Rain: Books for Kids -- Boats

One of the things I love about living in Kirkland is being so close to the water. And where there is water there are boats! Check out one of this week’s nautical stories and then take a boat spotting walk by Lake Washington. Currently, King County Library System (KCLS) has copies of these books in their catalog.


Little Tug by Stephen Savage

Roaring Brook Press, 978-1596436480


Little Tug may not be the tallest, fastest, or biggest ship in the harbor, but when the taller, faster, bigger ships are in a bind, it’s Little Tug who lends a hand pushing, pulling, and guiding. At the end of the day when Little Tug is all worn out the other ships tuck him in, sing him a lullaby, and give him hugs. The brief text of this charming book makes it a wonderful choice for babies and toddlers.



Boat Works by Tom Slaughter

Blue Apple Books, 978-1609052157


Can you guess all the boats in this fold-out book? As each flap unfolds a new clue is revealed. Starting with the tiny rowboat to the mighty ocean liner, readers are given visual as well as textual clues. Each page folds out into a large square showing the answer to the nautical riddle. This is a beautifully designed book for boat lovers of all ages.



Little Boat by Thomas Docherty

Templar, 978-0763644284


The small tugboat in this story is just a speck in the big ocean. The little boat may encounter dangerous obstacles, terrible thunderstorms, and enormous sea monsters, but it continues on bravely searching for its sea creature friends. Nothing banishes the unknown and scary elements like a group of good friends. They playfully race around the ocean and never want to stop. In the company of friends, no ocean is too big for this little boat.