Education Opportunity: Police, Public Works help pedestrians and drivers see eye to eye

Central Way between Lake Street and 4th Street has five new curb extensions to help keep a safe distance between pedestrians and drivers. The Police and Public Works Departments are teaming up to inform walkers and motorists of the benefits of the extensions—also known as bump-outs—and safety laws associated with them.  From late-November to mid-December plain clothes police officers will pose as pedestrians and join others crossing Central Way and Lake Street.  Bump-outs improve the safety of pedestrians and drivers by increasing sight distance between them. With bump-outs, pedestrians spend less time in the street travelling shorter distances in the crosswalk. Drivers are more likely to see pedestrians standing on an extended curb.  Additionally, bump-outs tend to reduce travel speeds by making the road appear more narrow. The curb extensions were paid in part through a Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Grant from the Washington State Department of Transportation. For more information on pedestrian safety programs, contact Public Works at 425-587-3800 or