Kirkland Nourishing Network Supporting Needy Kids & Their Families for Thanksgiving

Kirkland’s Nourishing Network has tapped into Kirkland’s famous generosity to help some of those in need during this Thanksgiving season.  Plans are already underway for a similar effort during the long, December school break.

Motivated by strong success augmenting the Summer Feeding Program, Nourishing Network volunteers organized support for some of the neediest families at a local elementary school over the Thanksgiving break.  On Monday, about 1,500 pounds of food will be delivered to the school for distribution to the families.

The strong response to an initial appeal to friends and acquaintances of the volunteers preempted the need for a broad community appeal for Thanksgiving.  Over 60 slots for large food boxes were subscribed in fewer than 5 days.  The Kirkland Rotary stepped up for more than one-third of the slots in very short order.

Nearing completion of their first year, Kirkland Nourishing Network is acting to identify gaps in food security and developing short-term fixes while working on long-term solutions.  The network is coordinating with other, local organizations to ensure that support is spread as broadly as possible and not being duplicated.

Nourishing Networks is planning a similar, but much larger, effort in Kirkland for the long, December school break.  Until that effort is fully organized, those interested in learning more may get an idea by reviewing the current Thanksgiving effort at: