LETTER | The Parking Problem At Juanita Beach

I wish the writer well in his efforts to address the parking problem, a problem created by the City Council. Their underlying reason for approving congestion is to force people to use mass transit which on the eastside means busses.


The City is required to have a traffic engineer so they hired one. It wasn't long before they changed his title from traffic engineer to transportation engineer just to push for mass transit. In doing so, his title should be congestion engineer, one that is not promoting the necessary traffic improvements require to support mass transit. When those people get off the bus, they hit the road in their cars adding to the congestion we already have.


So good luck on getting the Council to acknowledge our parking problem, our traffic jams, and enforcement of the Concurrency provision of the Growth Management Act. They are not doing their job and are reducing the quality of life of those who live here.


Robert L. Style