Lunch at Volterra

Now that the election is coming to a close, hopefully civility and community will return to Kirkland and the pages of Kirkland Views.  To kick start that, I thought I would write a review of the lunch we had the other day at Volterra.

To start, it was LUNCH, and the prices were reasonable for fine dining, running from $12 to $18 for a sandwich or pasta dish.  We were served our drinks and a basket of bread.  The bread was unsalted, similar to what is found in Tuscany, allowing us to dip it in olive oil and then sprinkle it with the house made fennel salt.  It was delicious.

Our group of four started with a fantastic $10 appetizer, the Baked Potato and Goat Cheese Crostata, which was a nice puff pastry filled with Yukon potatoes, goat cheese, spinach, and then drizzled with a tomato vinaigrette.

For lunch each of us ordered different dishes.  My favorite was the Volterra BLT ($12).  It is an open faced pork belly BLT.  Normally, I find pork belly fatty, but in this case, they confit it in maple syrup and somehow create a meaty, tasty sandwich, topped with sliced tomatoes, shaved apples, with a honey mustard aioli.

Two dishes tied for second, the Roasted Eggplant Pouches ($16), which was house made organic egg pasta filled with roasted eggplant, topped with a very nice tomato sauce.  The other was the Open Faced Pork Sandwich ($14).  It was piled high with pulled pork on focaccia bread with a horseradish cream sauce.  It came with a small radish and frisee salad on the side.

I decided to step out on the wild side and ordered Pork Jowls and Wild Mushroom tagliolini ($17), which consisted of a large bowl of homemade egg pasta topped with smoked pork jowls, local mushrooms, with a butter and parmesan sauce.  I enjoyed the dish, but found the pork jowls to be a bit gamey for my taste.

A nice meal isn’t complete without dessert, so we decided to share one at our table.  The Tirami Su ($8) was light and fluffy, and disappeared quickly.  The service was good, and our server was knowledgeable and friendly.  I am sure our group will be back soon.

Paul Erikson