LETTER | Roger Goodman Campaign responds to letter to the editor

In a letter to the Kirkland Views, the author alleges that Roger Goodman, Democrats, and our firefighters, are LYING (stated repeatedly in capital letters).


The author is simply uninformed and WRONG.  She ought to check her facts before accusing others of lying. Neither Roger Goodman, Democrats, nor Firefighters are lying.


Here are the facts:


Joel Hussey has endorsed and called “courageous” the budget proposed by the Republicans in the State Senate in the budget session last year.  Fortunately, Roger Goodman voted against that budget.  The budget that Joel Hussey endorsed included a $17M cut in state law enforcement officer and firefighter pension program (LEOFF).  So, I guess our firefighters are not confused or lying, the author of the piece is either intentionally trying to mislead people or is simply WRONG.


The same budget that Joel Hussey called courageous cut $82M from K through 12 education and $30M from higher education.  Meaning Joel Hussey endorses a budget with BIG cuts to education in our state.


The author makes a vague allegation about people and companies being allowed to decide what insurance coverage they want.  While it is not clear what this refers to, we assume that it applies to woman’s health care and the coverage of cancer screenings, mammograms and maternity care.  Roger Goodman is a firm supporter of maintaining these minimum health standards as part of people’s coverage and stands firmly in support of protecting women’s health.


The author alleges that Joel Hussey has more grass roots support than Roger Goodman.  Looking at the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission site today, we see that Roger Goodman has 283 different donors who donated $100 or less, while Joel Hussey only has 133 such donors.  More than twice as many for Roger Goodman!  Roger Goodman is proud of his support from across the political spectrum, including small individual donors, as well as Lake Washington teachers, nurses, police, firefighters, realtors, child care workers, conservation voters, aerospace engineers, and many more. This is not a special interest candidate.


If you want to look at actual LYING, please see the cable TV add Joel Hussey is running (also posted on the web).  Or, possibly you got one of Mr. Hussey’s illegal robo calls, which do not identify who paid for them, as is required by state law. In the ad and illegal robo calls, it is alleged that Roger Goodman has reduced the penalties for drunk driving.  This is the opposite of the truth.  Roger Goodman sponsored and got passed landmark legislation that requires that ignition interlock devices be installed on cars of convicted drunk drivers, credited with reducing Washington’s deaths from drunk driving by 36%.


For this legislation, Roger Goodman was awarded MADD’s national award, “Legislator of the Year”, and the “Safety Champion” award from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


Do you think MADD awarded this award to somebody who “reduced penalties on drunk drivers” or do you think that Joel Hussey is LYING?


Vote for integrity.  Vote for Roger Goodman


Tom Conlon
Campaign Manager, Roger Goodman for Representative