LETTER | Vote for Integrity, Vote for Joel Hussey

Note: Tom Conlon,  Campaign Manager for Roger Goodman has responded to this letter. You may read the response at http://www.kirklandviews.com/archives/33937/

The Democrats are lying again. There are two expensive smear pieces in the mail comparing Joel Hussey & Roger Goodman that must be disputed. Hussey, like everyone else, admires our firefighters and the sacrifices they make. He would NEVER deny them medical insurance coverage. The mailer LIES.


Hussey will make funding education a priority; as a businessman, he knows we can do a better job of budgeting and prioritizing so that education gets a higher budget share. Goodman and his party have controlled the legislature for decades and consistently slashed education’s share. Hussey will protect education; Goodman places special interests above children. The mailer LIES.


Hussey would allow companies and individuals to decide the insurance coverage they want and need rather than dictating what they MUST buy. Why should everyone be required to have the same coverage even if they will never use it? The mailer plays silly word games with serious issues. Goodman would force citizens to buy coverage people don’t want. Hussey respects the people. The mailer LIES.


Hussey’s support comes from the grassroots, 55% of his contributions have come from small, individual donors. Goodman received a whopping 51% of his donations from PACs and special interest groups (no wonder he didn’t mind setting aside the voters’ wishes in order to raise our taxes—how else can he repay his donors?). Goodman is the one who uses fat-cat donations to spew out MORE LIES!


Don’t believe the lies, look into the facts. Joel Hussey is a small business owner; he creates jobs, balances budgets, and negotiates with customers and vendors. He is active in the community having served on a school board; works with the boy scouts and was past president of the Lake Washington Youth Soccer Association. He has been endorsed by the Seattle Times, King County Police Officers Guild, Washington Association of Business and the Washington Farm Bureau.


Prove that smears don’t work, vote integrity, vote Joel Hussey.


Jeanie McCombs