LETTER | Five reasons why I will vote for Rob McKenna

Dear Editor,

As a homeowner who lacks for a fence to chat with neighbors over… I’m writing instead to hear what my internet neighbors have to say.

I plan to vote for Rob McKenna for governor because I’ve watched him since he was a King County councilman. He walked into a council meeting in time for the one issue on the agenda he felt strongly about, he made his points very clearly and caused the other council members to stop and really think about what they were doing, and it made a difference. I would love to have a governor who not only knows the issues inside and out, unlike the clueless attack ads from Jay’s campaign, and Rob knows how to lead others to agree with him without negativity.

If I were a better writer maybe I could have come up with 10 reasons to vote for Rob McKenna… maybe someone can help me come up with 5 more reasons other than Successful nerds are cute and aging pretty boys not so much.

1] McKenna is the sharpest knife in the drawer.

2] McKenna has been a successful officer of this state as Attorney General.

3] McKenna knows the West Coast Washington and doesn’t confuse it with the east coast version.

4] McKenna isn’t beholding to his party to keep his job the way a congressman has to be to keep his.

5] McKenna can take his oath of office to uphold the state constitution because that was his job for years compared to a congressman who doesn’t even have to read a bill to vote for it.


Thanks for your time,


Margaret Wiggins