LETTER | In favor of Steve Strachan for Sheriff

Dear Editor,

Looking over my mail-in-ballot, there is one race that is not cluttering the yards or airwaves, county sheriff. We may not live in the county but we all travel through, and even with a short term of 1 year, it would be nice to know the man in charge is one his subordinates can respect. I had to ask a county mounty who he was voting for, and the word just came back that Steve Strachan is the preferred candidate. He was appointed to fill the post per the voter’s pamphlet statement and he must be doing okay if the guys who work for him are willing to elect him to keep the job.

His opponent has an impressive statement too, and I do love an election with tough choices between two good candidates, unlike other races on the ballot. 

I welcome comments from this on-line community.


Margaret Wiggins