LETTER | A vote for Jim Thatcher

Editor:Join me in voting for Jim Thatcher for state representative in the 45th District. His opponent is a party guy who votes pretty much straight party line. Thatcher is a negotiator; he has the skills and temperament to work with both parties to forge compromise and finally solve our endless budget stalemates. Thatcher will make funding and improving education a top priority; he supports giving local school boards more autonomy and giving parents a greater voice in their schools. Burdensome tax and over-regulation drive businesses out of our state. Thatcher would vote to reform the B&O tax and eliminate unnecessary regulations. Washington is one of the only states that doesn’t allow competition for Workers Comp insurance. The single provider system drives up the cost of business, chasing companies out of state. Thatcher’s opponent won’t even talk about competitive Workers’ Comp insurance; Thatcher will advocate for it as one way to attract more business, increase the tax base and create more jobs. Ask anyone who has opened a small business lately, the regulation and bureaucracy is stifling. Thatcher understands how important businesses are to our state; he will work to reduce the burden. Isn’t it time to end the constant budget crises, over-spending, over-regulations, costly special sessions and partisan bickering in Olympia? Olympia isn’t working for the citizens of Washington, let’s field a new team to put our state back to work. I will vote for Jim Thatcher, I hope you will too.

Jeanie D McCombs