LETTER | Voter's pamphlet being mailed

The Voter’s Pamphlets are being mailed.  Kirkland’s Prop 1 and 2 have undesirable consequences. They increase our property taxes when there’s no need.

If Council would have done their job, we would have better roads and parks without raising taxes. Out of the City’s budget of $449 million, financing Prop 2 cost less than 1%, well within our existing resources without the need for more taxes. The $3 million Council gives away each year to outside agencies could have covered the cost not to mention the $12 million dollar surplus they've average over the past 20 years. Both Prop 1 and 2 could have been paid for.  We don't need an additional tax burden that makes it harder for us to balance our budgets.

The Propositions contain a list of Council failures, lists that by their own admission is proof of their failure to meet the needs of the city.

Council’s quest for more taxes are not justified and can best be described in one word: atrocious. Atrocious is defined as cruel, evil, and brutal. It’s a legacy Council leaves for those who are struggling to balance their budgets especially senior citizens on fixed income.

Robert L. Style