LETTER | Vote yes on Prop 2 to restore natural areas

Dear Editor:

I’m the retired senior who volunteers to track data for the Green Kirkland Partnership.  The Partnership uses volunteers to implement its mission, which is to restore Kirkland’s natural area parkland for the benefit of current and future generations.  Most of this program’s volunteers get down and dirty digging out invasive species and replanting with native plants.  I use my Excel skills to record the restoration work done.

I’ve volunteered more than 1590 hours for over five years, and continue to serve.  In processing the Partnership data, I’ve seen the program grow and gain momentum.  The data reflect a wealth of community effort and city support.  I observe the continuous struggle to obtain funding to keep the program going and I am concerned that the program will lose what it has gained if funding is not secured.  I urge Kirkland residents to vote Yes on Proposition 2 because it includes funding for the restoration of natural areas.


Ernest Anderson

Kirkland resident since 1969